BaCk on tRack!  

Posted by Janny

Im back!!!wohooo.. After a month or so, I wasn’t able to write because of my work (of course, the adjustments and everything coz’ actually this was my first job).You see when I was in school my parents didn’t allow me to work because they want to focus...focus...focus on my studies. And I said ok, no problem.

Yes it’s been hard for someone like me with no experience at all but aha! I love challenges and to really earn for your own money is a great feeling.

Now I fully understand how to value money (not the money itself) but the importance of time and effort that you exert just to earn it.

Eight hours a day and five days a week is what I spent in the office. And you know what i realize; I want to turn back the hands of time. “I want to go back to school”. Allowances every month chill out with my friends every time your classes get suspended, terror professors, boring professors, projects, researchers, reports, thesis, feasibility studies, and my extra curricular activity which is dancing.

So much reminiscing. . . .Now Im back on track.

For these past few weeks, i just dropped entrecards. But now I’m beginning to think new ideas/thoughts for my blog. Thanks anyways for those bloggers that dropped their ec’s for me and those that just hang out and read some of my articles, for those who gave their thoughts and comments, I appreciated it.

Thanks for blog hopping!