Isn't it fun to talk about the man of your dreams.  

Posted by Janny

It all began in school.

I accidentally saw him at what we call "the dome". Then after that i start seeing him more often. I see him in the corridor, at the lobby, in the path walk, at the library etc., for about 4 to 5 times everyday. So I just think out of the blue that maybe this guy might be my destiny. Yes! Whenever I saw him I call him my destiny or soul mate.
That was during my first year in college.

Second year I got the chance to officially introduce myself to him with the help of a friend who is actually his friend at that time. I was so happy back then because I would finally meet him face to face. But unfortunately I found out that he has a girlfriend at that time. I feel so bad. I felt so bad because he doesn't know me at all and for not knowing that I had feelings for him. It's a bit complicated. It hurts that I didn't get a chance to personally know him better because as I said a while ago he has a girlfriend back then. So I just kept my feelings for him.

Third year was a bit fun. I wanted to be a cheerleader so joined cheering at my school. That took a lot of my time so I forgot a bit about my destiny. But one day, a friend told me that my destiny and her girlfriend broke up. I was so happy back then that I even cried. I'm so happy that I told my friends that I will try to befriend him again and try to connect myself to him. But unluckily, that was just one week of happiness because after a week they got back together again. And I felt bad again. I cried a lot.

So my last year in college came, I'm a bit busy with my studies because were graduating students. So many things to accomplish, thesis writing, feasibility studies, defense and all that.

Amazingly, we had chance to know each other deeply.

Eventually, he fell in love with me.

I told him that I admired him so much since first year college. He was a bit shocked about that.

We date a lot. Then eventually we decided to have a formal relationship.

Up until now were together and I'm very proud to say that were very much in love with each other.