My Coffee Buddy....  

Posted by Janny

I miss my friend who’s always there for me. I used to hang out in their house but for some circumstances we don’t often see each other now.

I always looked up to her ideas when it comes to fashion. She always has what i call “fashions instinct” with one look to any wardrobe, she can see if it’s fashionable or not. Actually few of my clothes and accessories were picked by her. With my ideas of make up to what I will wear on a Sunday mass, it all has to be approved by her. So much for the girly stuff, once in a while if we had time, we run...Yes!!!We actually bond through physical activities like running, jogging, playing badminton, wall climbing etc.

She was a book lover. She always have an eye to any book. She had read much variety of it. In fact she passed all of his books to me. She wants me to read it to and to sum it all up I became book lover too.

She was really good when it comes to cooking. She experiments every ingredient possible to make a meal and always in the end the meal was mouth-watering.

We love coffee. When I was at their house there was no way of leaving without sipping a cup of coffee. It was our best friend when we have overnight review or just reading a book on a Saturday afternoon. With so much priorities and responsibilities a little coffee session with her would be great.

I learned so many things from her. She was always patient and understanding. As far as I remember, I never had an argument with her. Even though we are not blood related I treat her as one of my siblings. I always seek for her advice.
I give her my full trust.

I thanked God I met her!

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It's always nice to have a good friend with whom you can do things with and who shares your interests. Especially one who will stick around even if you don't see each other much.

June 26, 2008 at 4:19 AM

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