Travel Outside Your Country. . .  

Posted by Janny

Last year my sister had his first travel outside our country. She was with my aunt who travels a lot. I was supposed to be with them but at that time my birth certificate at National Statistics Office has not been approved. It came out that I had a late registration. Unfortunately it was one of the requirements to travel abroad.And sO they flew....(of course) dmn right..without me..They spent 8 wonderful days there..Lucky for them too bad for me.

Here's some pictures of my sister at HOng KOng Disneyland:

Here's some pics of her by the Great Wall of China:

Hmmmppp.. Envied.. I decided to go to our province and have my vacation there. Better travel than never...

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awww.. ako den.. i want to visit disneyland.. sigh!

July 11, 2008 at 1:55 PM

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