The Joy of Walking. . . .  

Posted by Janny

I love walking. Every Sunday, when I and my friends were available we tend to have a walk in UP diliman. We walk as long as our foot cries for help (just kidding). We walk ealy morning or early evening, it varies.

The touch of nature and the smell of green grass of environment in UP diliman made us feel better and stress free. And of course as we all know, walking is a form of exercise. And somehow it gave us time to talk about anything under the sun. Its one of the things we love to do, an activity that we love to spare time with.

We dressed up, jogging pants, white shirt and rubber shoes preferably to feel comfortable and clean. Do always remember to bring towels or handkerchiefs for your sweat glands. Plus money for some bargain stores that we passed along. Afterwards, we visited the chapel to hear mass. Then back to walk again.

But now that we’ve been busy on our daily responsibilities, we quite forget about it. (Sigh!)

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