Feeling Better Now!  

Posted by Janny

After our phone rang this Thursday afternoon I was told by my sister that the call was for me. And so i answered the phone and was then realized that the call was for my termination from my work.

Holy crapped!

Thank God I was terminated. Please don’t ask questions about it. Although the people there were friendly and warmth I just don’t feel that I belong to the company plus the work was very stressful.

Then, I was told to report Friday afternoon to sign some papers and to officially end my contract. After that I went to shop and played DOTA for 4 hours. Then sitting on our sofa, I felt I’m in heat literally. Oh my I have fever with muscle pains.

My friends told me to rest, sleep, drink more water, eat fruits and take medicine of course.

Feeling better now, I open my laptop to see the status of my blog. Hasn’t post for a while because of not feeling well but now that I’m fully okay I am ready to post again.

Happy Posting!

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